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About Lucy

Here For You

It's time to break free and step into the beautiful essence of ALL that you are!  Lucy walks beside you as you find your footing in your next step.

Life and Soul Coach

A professionally trained Adlerian Life Coach.  Lucy practices and teaches mindfulness, meditation, intuition, NLP and shamanism.

Welcome, Fellow Traveller

We walk on this earth for a limited time.  Let's make it count.  What are you here to do?  What is your calling?  We all possess our own unique gift.  Lucy can help you find and express yours.

Why Hire a Coach?

I'm Stuck

At times we can feel stuck, disconnected and unsure of our path.  A coach helps you find clarity and direction in all areas of your life: career, family, relationship or personal wellness.

I'm Overwhelmed

Do you ever feel unable to control your response to stress and anxiety?  Through mindfulness and meditation techniques, a life coach can teach you how to relax and find your calm centre.

I'm Looking for Inspiration

Sometimes it helps to have a chat with someone who is outside of your family or circle of friends,  A coach will help you expand the possibilities of your life.

I Need Help Making a Decision

When you find yourself at a crossroads in life, it helps to talk it through with a professional who is trained in decision making and life transitions.

My Life has Changed

Major life changes, whether positive or negative, take time to navigate.  Your coach can be your biggest cheerleader when it's time to celebrate and your most trusted confidante when you need to talk things through.

I'm Not Sure What I Want

It's OK to not understand where you are and not know where you are going.  Your coach will believe in you more than you believe in yourself and help you discover what really matters to you the most.


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